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As an expectant parent, it is important you have access to as much information as possible to make informed decisions regarding your pregnancy.  New Life Prenatal and The Scarborough Hospital are partnered with Insception Lifebank, Canada’s largest cord blood and tissue bank, to ensure you are informed about umbilical cord blood and tissue storage.

What is cord blood and tissue?

  • Cord blood is the blood that remains in your  baby’s umbilical cord and placenta
  • Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells and other important cells which can be used for treatments now
  • Cord tissue is a small segment of the baby’s umbilical cord, which is a rich source of different stem cells not found in cord blood


What can cord blood be used for?

  • Cord blood is used as an alternative to bone marrow for diseases where a transplant is required
  • Today, over 35,000 cord blood transplants have been performed worldwide in the treatment of 80+ life-threatening diseases, including leukemias, cancers, immune system deficiencies, and blood disorders
  • Your baby’s cord blood is a perfect match and is more likely to be a match for siblings than unrelated donors
  • The potential uses of umbilical cord blood and tissue are expanding rapidly
  • Research and clinical trials are investigating how cord blood stem cells may help provide treatments for conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, cerebral palsy, and autism


How does the collection process work?

  • The collection process is simple, safe, and painless for both mother and baby
  • Can be collected at any birth – vaginal, caesarean, homebirth
  • After you enroll online, you will be sent a collection kit which you bring with you to the hospital
  • OBGYN or GP or Midwife will perform the collection of cord blood or cord blood and tissue
  • The service is available across all hospitals and homebirths in Canada

How do I sign up?

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