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With New Life Prenatal Classes you will:

  • learn about the process of labour and childbirth and what you may be feeling, both physically and emotionally, as you progress through the different stages of labour and the postpartum period

  • practice pain management and coping techniques for labour and childbirth such as breathing, massage, relaxation, vocalization, hydrotherapy and more

  • practice movement and positioning which facilitates the progression of labour and childbirth

  • practice techniques for labour support to help the labouring person with labour and childbirth

  • learn what medical pain relief options are available and the benefits, risks and alternatives of each

  • clarify and sort through the abundance of information (and sometimes, misinformation!) you have gathered from books, television, websites, family or friends

  • reduce any fear of the unknown as you learn more about what to expect

  • learn about possible complications and common interventions in labour that you might experience, and how to try to reduce their chances of occurring

  • discuss concerns, ask questions and share experiences, fears, joy, and ideas with other expectant parents

  • learn about a wide range of views about childbirth and parenting

  • learn breastfeeding basics and practice with dolls

  • practice basic baby care skills including diapering, bathing, dressing, swaddling and soothing

  • explore what life will be like, physically and emotionally, after baby's birthday

  • watch prenatal videos about childbirth, newborn care and breastfeeding

  • receive prenatal handouts and packages

  • gather information about services and support in the community for expectant and new parents

  • New Life Prenatal Classes are taught using a variety of learning techniques (lecture, group discussion, visuals such as videos, charts and models, demonstration, hands-on practice, and handout sheets for review at home) to increase understanding, maximize recollection and build your skill and confidence in preparation for birth and parenting

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