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Child CPR Workshop

Your children don't come with an undo button for life's little missteps, so this workshop is designed to give you skills and confidence to deal with an emergency.

Empower yourself with First Aid & CPR knowledge!  

One-on-One (private) Live Streaming
Baby/Child CPR & First Aid Workshop

Live streaming, in the comfort of your own home, this informative and interactive training session is a must for new parents, grandparents, babysitters, nannies or anyone who works with young children.


Details are as follows:

  • Workshop runs approximately 1.5 hours in length and finishes when participants feel confident with their CPR & First Aid Skills

  • $101.70 (includes tax) for your One-on-One training session ($45 per person.  Two person minimum per session, or $101.70 per family/household). 

  • Optional $50.85 (includes tax) per each additional camera (friends & family) streaming into your session.

  • Maximum 5 cameras streaming per session.

  • Updated after course reference materials and a comprehensive first aid manual will be emailed to all participants upon completion.  

  • Zoom meeting will be arranged to fit your schedule.  Give us your top 3 date and time preferences.  Once received, we will schedule and confirm your session based upon first availability.  You may choose:

    • Mon-Fri between the hours 4pm and 8pm

    • Sat/Sun between the hours of 10am and 2pm

This non-certification workshop consists of New Red Cross Standards and will be taught by Valerie Wood,  a Certified Canadian Red Cross Instructor who is also an Emergency Medical Responder.  Her teaching style makes the seriousness of the topic interesting, engaging and memorable. You will leave with the security, peace of mind and knowledge to jump into action in the event of an emergency, the whole purpose of doing these workshops.



  • Baby / Infant and/or Child CPR

  • Choking emergencies & common potential choking hazards for children & infants

  • Understanding SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome

  • Crib safety & Safe Sleep

  • Treating falls & Head injuries- signs & symptoms for concussions

  • Anaphylactic shock & EpiPen usage/protocol (optional)

  • Severe allergies - what to look for & what to avoid (optional)

  • Fevers & febrile seizures (optional)    

  • Accessing EMS - 911

  • Question/answer first aid session

  • Baby and Child safety hand-out (emailed after workshop completion) & Reference Materials


* babies welcome *



“Valerie – you are an amazing instructor! Thank you again, and I’m sure we are all in agreement that we will recommend you to anyone needing a baby CPR course!”


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