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According to Dr. Donald E. Wetmore, one of the foremost experts on Time Management and Personal Productivity, we retain 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we hear and see, 70% of what we say and 90% of what we say and do. 


With this in mind, New Life Prenatal Classes are taught using a variety of learning techniques (lecture, group discussion, visuals such as videos, charts and models, demonstration, practice, and handout sheets for review at home) to increase understanding and maximize recollection.


Topics Include:

* coping with discomforts and changes in pregnancy
* warning signs to report to your doctor/midwife
* birth plan

* the process of labour and birth
    - signs of labour approaching
     - pre-term labour
     - true vs. false labour
    - stages of labour
     - timing contractions
     - when to leave for the hospital/call midwife
* comfort measures, pain management and coping techniques including
    - relaxation techniques
    - massage
    - breathing techniques

     - positioning & movement

     - hydrotherapy

     - medication options including epidural

* role of the father, partner and/or labour companion (how to be supportive and helpful)
* medical options & interventions including
     - induction of labour
     - augmentation of labour
     - cesarean birth

      - benefits, risks and alternatives of  each

* postpartum care and the adjustment to parenthood
     - mother's physical recovery
     - relationship changes
    - dealing with fatigue
     - how father/partner and others can best help mother
    - distinguishing between postpartum blues and depression
* newborn basic care  
    - normal newborn characteristics
     - newborn behaviour and communication
    - the importance of skin-to-skin contact  
     - bathing and diapering
     - soothing a crying baby
    - signs of illness
     - baby safety and equipment
    - parenting and bonding with your child

* breastfeeding basics & infant nutrition including
    - anatomy and milk production
    - benefits for baby and mother
    - establishing milk supply
    - baby hunger cues
    - proper "latch" and positioning
    - how to know if baby is getting enough
    - expressing/pumping
    - storing, freezing and thawing breastmilk

     - introducing solid food

* resources/help for expectant and new parents

Please keep in mind that prenatal classes and information found on this site are for educational/informational purposes only, and cannot take the place of your health care provider or birth practitioner.  Every effort is made to make sure that information provided herein is accurate and up to date.  This site is provided in good faith for education and information only.  Your health care provider/birth practitioner should be consulted whenever you have questions about your health or the health of your baby.  Prenatal classes, and/or information found on this web site, in no way create a physician/nurse and medical patient relationship.  If you have any questions about information contained in this web site and/or before attempting any of the techniques taught in prenatal classes, be sure your health care provider/birth practitioner is aware.

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